Perfluorocarbon tracers (PFT’s) have been successfully used to assist with cable leak detection from fluid filled cables for well over 10 years in Europe, USA and now Australia.

A very small quantity of Perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) is mixed with degassified cable fluid  which is then flushed through the cable. The PFT then leaks from the cable at the leak location(s) and enters the soil – migrating into the atmosphere, where we detect it using atmospheric sensors.

PFT’s have incredibly low background levels, are non-toxic and are chemically stable, allowing them to be detected at very low levels.

Our UK partner, Utilise have developed unique mixing, flushing and sampling system and use the latest in analytical services.

Results are provided in the form of maps and pictorial reports, with the leak site identified on the picture itself, thus removing any requirement for interpretation.

Leaks as low as 0.7 litres per day can be detected with this method, and leak locations identified to within a few metres.

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