The Universal Connection System for Cables, Transformers, and GIS

The Universal Connection System

The Pfisterer Connex system is the leader in plug-in contact systems. The original Pfisterer MV Connex system became the standard on which all plug-in systems are now based. Continual research and development has increased the size and range of the products. There are now nine sizes of Connex covering 6kV up to 550kV. The system is used worldwide as a dry plug-in system for transformers and GIS switchgear. Connex connectors feature high fault ratings across the range and are suitable for all polymeric and EPR cables for both indoor and outdoor use.

Installation Training Courses are available from Intertech Enginnering for experienced Cable Jointers. Successful trainees are certified by Pfisterer for CONNEX product installation.

Touch safe, Dry Plug and Bushing System for 6kV to 550kV, up to 4000A. And Pfisterer have the most complete range of plug-in accessories including:

  • Branching
  • Plug-in Straight and Angled Cable Joints
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Test Equipment
  • Plug-in Bushings
Size Max Voltage Max Current Conductor Range
0 24kV 250A 25-70mm2
1 36kV 630A 25-240mm2
2 42kV 800A 25-400mm2
3/3S 52kV 1250A 35-800mm2
4 72.5kV 1250A 95-2000mm2
5S 145kV 2500A 95-2000mm2
6/6S 245kV 2500A 185-2500mm2
7/7S 345kV 2500A 630-3000mm2
8 420kV 4000A 630-3000mm2
9 550kV 4000A 630-3000mm2
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