When failures occur in underground power cable systems, it is often important to understand the root cause of the failure. Intertech Engineering offer an independent investigation service to review failed components and report on failure causes.

Intertech have over 90 years of experience in underground power cables and cable accessories internally. As a designer and supplier of cable accessories, Intertech’s experience provides us the knowledge required to analyse all sorts of cable and accessory failures.

We can offer:

  • Dissection of failed components.
  • Review of product suitability.
  • Identification of installation problems.
  • Dissection and microscopic examination of cable insulation.
  • In many cases, we can identify the root cause of failure.

We have experience with cables and accessories from all the major manufacturers at a full range of voltages MV-EHV.

Investigations are carried out by experienced Engineers and complete evidence-based failure reports are provided after completion of analysis. We also understand that failures can be complex and costly from a commercial stand-point and we therefore handle every investigation under strict confidentiality.

Intertech Engineers and technicians also have extensive experience with both XLPE and Oil Filled cable systems.  Using our combined knowledge, experience and an established framework of assessment, we are able to carry out full underground cable circuit Condition and Risk Assessments that take into account Cable, Joints, Terminations and Link Boxes.

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