Pfisterer offers an extensive range of earth clamps, short-circuiting devices, operating poles and voltage detectors.

Some typical clamps available are shown below. Download a summary of clamps from the Pfisterer Safety Catalogue.

Universal Earth Clamps

For use with various earth connections.

Penetrating Clamps

For use on coated or rusted metal surfaces

Line Clamps

For use on Overhead Power Lines with bayonet connection

Contact Wire Clamps

Railways Overhead Line Grounding Clamps

Operating Poles

Various pole styles and fittings are available.

Earth Sets

Custom made earth sets can be supplied to suit the customers requirements, fitted with different Pfisterer clamps or lugs.

Voltage Detection & Phase Comparison

The KP 5 Voltage tester is available for AC or DC applications and is available with various voltages ranges and fitting accessories.

Voltage Indicators

Various pole styles and fittings are available.

The full catalogue of Pfisterer Safety Products is available from our Downloads Page.