3M have designed and manufactured cable accessories and electrical tapes for over 30 years. 3M were the originators of the cold-shrink technology for termination and jointing, and the Scotch brand of electrical tapes have been market leaders in quality and innovation for several decades. The 3M Coldshrink is made from silicon based materials designed to have extremely long life without losing elasticity. The many years of reliable service are proof of the technology. More details can be found in the attached Technical Papers.

In Australia, Intertech Engineering design and kit the 3M products as a 3M Kitting Partner. Intertech Engineering have in-house expertise to design and develop solutions for their customers using the 3M range of products. Kitting for joints and terminations is conducted in the Intertech warehouse in Melbourne with distribution to all parts of Australia each day.

The 3M range of products includes:

  • 3M QSG & QSIII Cold Shrink Cable Joints to 33kV
  • 3M Resin Pressure Joints for XLPE and Paper Cables to 33kV
  • 3M QTII & QTIII Cold Shrink Terminations to 72kV
  • 3M Heat Shrink Tubing
  • 3M Electrical Tapes
  • 3M Cleaning Fluids for XLPE and EPR cables
  • 3M Low Voltage Inline Resin Jointing Kits
  • 3M Cable Marking Equipment
  • 3M Cable Location Equipment
  • 3M Penetration Sealing Products

3M Joints and Terminations are made to meet your specific requirements.

Supported by 3M’s extensive research facilities and our own local engineers, special MV cable joints and terminations can be developed and tested to suit your specific needs.

The Solutions Guide for Electrical Products is available for download on our downloads page.