Founded in 1904, HIGHVOLT designs and manufactures HV electrical test systems for factories, laboratories, universities, and on-site applications. HIGHVOLT can supply fully integregrated systems with PD measurement, data acquisition and control equipment.

High Voltage Test and Measurement Systems:

  • AC Test Systems
  • DC Test Systems
  • Impulse Voltage and Current Test Systems
  • Factory based HV cable test systems
  • On site HV cable test systems
  • Factory based MV and HV transformer test systems
  • On site transfomer test systems
  • Voltage and Current Measurement
  • Partial Discharge Measurement
  • On-site Test Systems and Diagnostics
  • HV Test Fields
  • Calibration
    HIGHVOLT runs a major construction workshop in Dresden, Germany, and have a proven worldwide supply record. HIGHVOLT, in conjunction with Intertech Engineering supply testing and diagnostic equipment as well as the associated technical services and expertise to the region.

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