Intertech Engineering have been representing SFPOC (formally Phillips-Fitel) for optical ground wire products in Australia and New Zealand since 1999. Market leadership has been maintained by the ongoing supply of quality product at competitive prices. Over 5000km of OPGW from SFPOC has been installed in Australia.

SFPOC Optical Groundwire

Suzhou Furukawa Power Optic Cable Co. Ltd. (SFPOC) is a joint venture company of The Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd Japan and Etern (Yongding) Group of China for the manufacture of OPGW products using the latest in manufacturing and testing techniques. FEC is a leading supplier of OPGW worldwide.

OPGW summary

SFPOC has a range of different OPGW configurations, and offer a complete design service for each application.

Designs for an OPGW circuit cater for:

  • Fault rating for the ground wire
  • Number of fibres required
  • Maximum and minimum span lengths
  • Circuit total length
  • Any limitations on the OD of the OPGW.
  • Details of the installation location eg coastal, heavy industrial, bush etc.

The most common base product designs are as follows:

Composite design for high fibre count.
Each fibre tube can accommodate up to 60 fibres
Hermetically sealed loose tube design
High fault rating

SFPOC-LUX Datasheet

Composite Central Hermetically sealed loose tube design.
Up to 60 fibres an be accommodated.
Small overall diameter
Very high fault ratings


Composite Central Hermetically sealed inner stainless steel tube encased in an aluminium sealed tube.
Ideal for highly corrosive environments.
Up to 60 fibres an be accommodated.
Small overall diameter
Very high fault ratings

SFPOC-DUAL Datasheet

Other specialised designs are available on request.

SFPOC and Intertech provide installation advice and on-site support, including the supply of OPGW installation accessories.

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