Catenary Supports and Tensioning Systems

Pfisterer designs and manufactures a wide range of catenary system components, catenary tensioning systems, safety and earthing equipment for railway electrification systems.

Catenary Systems

Cantilevers, Insulators, Hangers and Connectors. Pfisterer offer a comprehensive service for Catenary systems. Components including clamps, insulators, cantilever arms and fittings are part of the wide range of equipment. Dropper cables made to specific design requirements are also available.

Safety testing and earthing equipment for railway applications is available and detailed in our Pfisterer Safety section.
For full details download the Railways Catenary Systems Catalogue from our Downloads page.

Tensorex C+

The patented, automatic tensioning system that uses the force of a coil spring to constantly tension the railway catenary and/or bearer cable. It effectively compensates the expansion and contraction caused by fluctuating daytime and nighttime temperatues and seasonal changes. The system:

  • is very compact and fast to install
  • frees space around support structures and reduces the chances of vandalism
  • is maintenance free
  • provides a constant force with very little hyteresis

For full details Download the Tensorex C+Catalogue from our Downloads page.